On August 5, 2014 we lost our son Robby to a heroin overdose.

Brave Choices: Stop Addiction and Emotional Abuse is an organization focused on bringing education, support, and resources to parents and families who are working through the heroin addiction of a loved one.

We have learned so much and we want to help others learn and use the coping tools we have acquired through the addiction and loss of our son. Our goals and mission are to develop educational material, groups, and support services for those who have no idea where to turn.

Our immediate purpose is to bring awareness and provide education for parents and kids on the deadly consequences of heroin. We are a resource for support and services to assist families through the before, during, and after the funeral process. Heroin will kill you. A small percentage of addicts will recover but the majority will die. Heroin is not a recreational drug, it is a death sentence. Relapse will happen. Heroin is not an experiment. Heroin = Death!